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Big Troubles – Worry

Big Troubles – Worry



Big Troubles are certainly not the first recent band to revive the shoegaze and noise pop sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. Hell, they’re not even the first recent band to come out of Ridgewood, New Jersey. (There must be something in the water there.) But while their contemporaries often wrap otherwise innocuous pop songs in sheets of fuzz and feed back à la Black Tambourine and The Jesus And Mary Chain, Big Troubles’ sound is a little less cut and dry. Bandmates Ian Drennan and Alex Craig also throw in My Blood Valentine’s fondness for burying vocals into the unpredictable and melodic noise that saturates the music.  This doesn’t sink Worry‘s poppier moments though. The buoyant “Freudian Slips” bounces along on an addictive guitar riff, while “Slouch” and “Drastic and Difficult” both have an infectious energy that shines through the fuzz. But while the first half of the album is consistent and memorable, nearly every song on the second half is unmemorable and unfocused. The arrangements on these songs are notably much more spare than the songs that preceded them, and rather than use the space effectively, Drennan and Craig indulge in hazy atmospherics without much distinctive surfacing from the murk. It’s really a letdown too because, though it doesn’t offer much new, the first half of Worry shows real potential for the band. As it stands, Big Troubles only have enough material to manage an excellent EP.