Monthly Archives: December 2013


Hey, so you may have noticed (well, I hope someone noticed) I haven’t been updating much lately. Part of that has to do with the fact that in the past year, I’ve graduated college, was looking for a job, found a job, and then am going to my job. But it’s also because I’m working on some other projects alongside Notes On Notes too. So, I thought I’d formally say what’s been pretty much going on anyway: I’m putting Notes On Notes on hiatus for a little bit, while I work on some other writing projects. It’s not going away, and I am still going to update periodically, getting to albums I never got to review from 2013 and posting about things I want you guys to hear or I want to write about.

Also, I’ve been asked before by followers and friends if they could contribute to the site, and I’ve always declined because I used the website as my personal portfolio. But one of the things I’m working on now is a television website that will be submission-based, and when it’s ready in the very near future, I’ll let everyone know here, so I can ask for submissions from all of you. That policy may apply to Notes On Notes, too, in the coming months. So, if you ever wanted to write anything here about an album or concert or something, you may be in luck.

I know Notes On Notes isn’t a big site by any means, but I’ve always appreciated all the followers and comments I’ve gotten over the years, and I want to extend my gratitude.

I hope you are okay. Thank you for reading.