Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster [EP]

Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster [EP]



Released as Gaga Fever was beginning to peak, The Fame Monster (sold as its own EP but also packaged with a re-release of The Fame) is darker, weirder and better than her debut. Expanding on the more sinister songs in her catalog like “Paparazzi,” Gaga meant for this EP to complement The Fame, exploring the negative side of celebrity. Oddly enough though, there is hardly a mention of the material culture displayed on its predecessor. Instead, The Fame Monster is full of songs about dysfunctional relationships and hook-ups that should never have happened, a sort of regretful come-down after a hard night clubbing. As such, the lyrics here are a step up from The Fame because she sounds both more provocative (“Bad Romance,” “Teeth”) and personal (“Speechless,” “Dance In The Dark”). But of course, as it is with the dance genre, it’s the music that draws the most attention.While The Fame Monster doesn’t deviate much from Gaga’s previous formula, it’s a little richer and more unexpected this time out. This isn’t to say it is unpredictable exactly—it all follows the same sort of pattern: seductive verses, flamboyant choruses, a ballad thrown in for good measure—but the EP takes a few more left turns, such as how “Teeth” touches on gospel and “Alejandro” is prefaced by faux-French film dialogue. Plus, song for song, The Fame Monster is stronger and fresher than its sister record. “Bad Romance” may just be the best song of her career so far: a mess of nonsense chants, aggressive come-ons and a glorious hook set to a pulsing four-on-the-floor beat. Elsewhere, the updated synth-pop of “Dance In The Dark” and the glitchy rush of “Telephone” also rank with Gaga’s finest. The Fame Monster is unlikely to change anyone’s mind about the pop star, but her fans aren’t listening to her detractors anyway—they’re too busy dancing.

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