M.I.A. – Vicki Leekx [Mixtape]

M.I.A. – Vicki Leekx [Mixtape]



After polarizing many critics and fans with an abrasive and self-serious third album, where do you head next? If you are M.I.A., you continue to challenge your audience by releasing a free downloadable mixtape on New Year’s Eve. Composed of both reworked tracks from /\/\/\Y/\ as well as new, unreleased material, Vicki Leekx is actually less of a mixtape and more of a 36-minute DJ set. Though the download came with artwork that lists track names for these short segments, it was distributed as one relentless track, and it is no doubt meant to be listened to as such. Once the beat sets in a few seconds in, it never lets up for over a half hour with flurries of clattering noise and sound effects barraging the listener. If this sounds similar to /\/\/\Y/\, it should be noted that this loose collection of songs bring back something sorely missing from her last album: fun. Despite the title’s obvious reference to the WikiLeaks scandal, Vicki Leekx is rarely political, instead opting for dance floor chants like “You can have my money, but you can’t have me” and “Live fast, die young. Bad girls do it well.” There is still sinister and socially conscious rumblings in the music and lyrics, but they don’t draw attention to themselves, similar to that of he first two albums, where the politics gave weight to the songs instead of weighing them down. It may be just a mixtape, but as mixtapes go, Vicki Leekx is quite enjoyable, ending 2010 on a good note for this fiery and provocative artist.

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