No Age – Everything In Between

No Age – Everything In Between



So many noise pop/rock bands have sprung up in the last few years that the style has nearly become synonymous with indie rock. While a sizable amount of these bands’ output is good, it often lacks something to distinguish it from the pack. Fortunately, almost as if to show these up-and-comers how it’s done, No Age returns with Everything In Between, and it’s everything you would expect from the band: instantly memorable hooks; energetic, earnest vocals; and guitars that screech and hiss. Sure, they have been cranking out this type of thing since for two albums already, and on the surface their approach here isn’t much different than 2007’s Nouns. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, because even on the relatively more expected tracks, No Age are tighter and more tuneful than ever. “Fever Dreaming” and “Depletion” are kinetic, punky rockers, while “Valley Hump Crash” and “Chem Trails” are some of the finest pop the band has ever penned. Everything also finds the band diversifying their sound ever so slightly. The piano-laced instrumental “Positive Amputation” verges on post-rock, “Skinned” hovers over rippling percussion,  and “Common Heat” is a calm(er), sincere ballad. This sincerity, both in the lyrics and Dean Spunt’s vocals, is what sets No Age apart from their contemporaries. It’s what gives their music the depth that continues to make this noisy duo more than just a fleeting lo-fi sensation. With Everything In Between, No Age prove themselves once again to be at the top of their class, even with new competition pouring in everyday.


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