Eugene McGuinness – Eugene McGuinness

Eugene McGuinness – Eugene McGuinness



With a critically acclaimed  EP already under his belt, Anglo-Irish wiz-kid Eugene McGuinness returns with his first full length album full of the same eclecticism and wit that he had previously shown. The longer play time, though, allows for him to cover a larger amount of territory. Beginning with an exercise in skiffle (“Rings Around Rosa”), McGuinness bounces between dreamy, gentle balladry (“God In Space”, “Those Old Black And White Movies Are True”), spiky new wave (“Fonz”), and Smiths-esque college rock (“Moscow State Circus”). Yes, the Smiths is an obvious touchstone as McGuinness can croon like Morrissey and can write a distinctively British lyric with literate intelligence, but he isn’t so easily pigeon-holed. His eclecticism and cleverness positions him as the successor to Blur’s Damon Albarn but with the attitude of Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner. Few songwriters of the post-Britpop era can write with such confidence and grace as Eugene McGuinness, establishing him as an up and coming artist that bears watching.

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